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Why You Should Stamp Your Golf Clubs

Golf club stamping is an intermediate to advanced technique that anybody can learn. This featured article on Club Stamping will cover some of the reasons why you should learn this technique and apply them to your own golf clubs or your friends.

Golf Club Stamping Basics

Golf club personalization is quickly becoming more and more popular, not only among professional golf players, but also among amateurs. From Dustin Johnson to Rickie Fowler, they all love to put something extra on their clubs. Even for the common golfer, there are now many options available from custom color grips and different club head finishes. But for most, golf club stamping is an easy and unique alternative to personalization, which we will explore during the course of this article. Stamping simply means that golfers can have their own desired text, numbers or symbols stamped onto the back of their golf clubs and can be done in a matter of minutes. To make it even better, this can all done right from the comfort of your own home. The process can be done as a "do it youself" (DIY) option and is loads of fun with endless possibilities:

  • Your nickname on your putter
  • Date of birth on your irons
  • Motivational sentence on your wedges
  • Calming trigger word on each club
  • Distances for half, ¾ and full swings
  • Naming each club after your favorite superhero

Stamping Your Golf Clubs

If you have not already personalized your golf clubs then your clubs are likely completely standard and off the rack and are not any different from others. This might be something desirable for some golfers, but many want their clubs to look and feel special. Hand stamping could just be the technique that you are looking for! In this way, you have the option of writing something permanent onto your club, making it truly yours. Also, sometimes you don’t want to change your old beloved set of clubs, but maybe just want to refresh them a bit. In terms of performance, you could have the club face grooves refinished again, so the clubs regain their old spin. But in terms of design, adding some custom stamping on the back could just be the thing you need. Click here to learn how to stamp your golf clubs.

Which Clubs Are Suitable

The most popular clubs for using golf club stamps are wedges and putters. Although stamping is possible on other clubs as well, there is a reason why these two are the most popular. Wedges and putters are usually made from softer steel, making it much easier to hand stamp something into them. There is also often a larger and empty surface area so that you get more space to work with. Irons are normally made from harder steel because they have to be more durable. As opposed to wedges, there is usually less space in the back, leaving you less room to work with. If your irons are made of a softer steel and you would like to stamp them, we recommend stamping your initials on them (Check out our initial stamps here). Golfers also tend to go through a larger number of wedges during the course of a few years allowing for frequent design changes. The combination of softer steel and larger volume of short game practice takes a bigger toll on the club face. This means that one can have a newly personalized club every few years!

Putters, on the other hand are something much different. Due to the low impact hitting method, these clubs can easily last for decades - which would be impossible for soft-steel wedges. This means that golfers often develop a special bond with their putter. Tiger Woods for instance has on his world famous “winning” putter, the Tour Issue Scotty Cameron Newport 2, his name hand stamped and paint filled on the rear of the putter. After decades, this is still his go-to putter and often, amateur players develop a similar bond. With hand stamping you can go even a step further and make the flat stick even more personalized. Everyone knows that the putter not only has to feel good, but it has to be visually appealing. If the putter is not attractive to you when you take it out of the bag, chances are you will not like it when it sits behind the ball. Adding custom names or symbols to the back can make the club much more appealing and much more personal. You can even change the alignment aid color with our golf club paint fills.

A New Look

Golf club stamps and hand stamping will give your clubs a new look. Regardless if you got a new set and want to make it more personal or want to revitalize your old set, this is a technique definitely worth looking at and mastering. The technique can be just a visual add-on or it can go so far to deepen the bond with your club. Just think about it, putting your name on your putter or golf clubs can make you believe that you also are able to achieve greatness just like your golfing idols!

To make things easier, Club Stamping offers a wide variety of golf club stamping kits to get you started with everything you will need excluding a hammer (which you probably already own). Click here to shop them NOW.

Stamping is therefore a great way to personalize your clubs even further. Even though, a nice stamp on its own looks awesome, one can go even further. If combined with golf club paint filling the personalization can truly come to life in vivid colors. Not only would you have your name on it, it could be written in blue, red or orange - or any mix of those for that matter!


To learn how to hand stamp your golf clubs, check out our blog post on it HERE!

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