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How To Paint Fill Your Golf Clubs

How To Paint Fill Your Golf Clubs

How To Paint Fill Your Golf Clubs

Paint filling your golf clubs is an easy and effortless method to adding new life and appeal to your new and used golf clubs. In this blog post we'll go over what is involved in paint filling your golf clubs and how you can change the paint fill on you golf clubs on your own.

Golf Club Paint Filling

Let’s imagine that just today a new set of clubs arrived at your doorstep. Each club is customized to the last specification, but still, something is missing. The club heads look a bit “standard”, not exactly how you like it. Well, one good way of adding a bit of zing is to personalize them with some custom golf club paint fills. If you are wondering how to go about changing your golf club paint fill, we got you covered. The following article will explain in detail how to remove old paint, prepare the clubs for coloring and how to apply new paint.

First Things First

First things first, always follow precautionary methods and wear protective eye wear, gloves and clothing. Treat the paint filling process as if working with spray paints and paint removers.

What You'll Need

A few items will be needed in order to change the stock paint fills on your golf clubs. You will need: custom golf club paint fills, paint stripping gel, acetone or an alcohol based solution (nail polish remover) and paper towel.

The Steps

  1. Clean and then dry the club with an alcohol based solution such as acetone, nail polish remover, or an alcohol swab. Having a clean surface is key to having the golf club paint fills adhere properly to the club. Acetone will evaporate quickly once it gets in contact with air. Do a thorough job making sure all the paint fill areas cleaned out well.
  2. Choose your colors. Blue, green, red or even black - you name it! This is the design part of the process, so make sure that you draw out a few options and look at some existing creative paint fill designs. Don’t worry if you might not like what you create when done, simply repeat the process!
  3. Take the golf club paint fill and shake it well. 30 seconds at the least to mix the paint fill well inside the pen. There is a ball in the paint compartment that must mix the paint before you use it. The next few steps will need a little patience, approximately 1-2 minutes, since golf club paint fills need to saturate the blank tip with paint before you can begin paint filling.
  4. Holding the tip up towards the ceiling, press down on it with your thumb to release the pressure within the paint fill.
  5. With the tip facing downwards now, take a piece of paper and press the spring loaded tip against it fully 2-3 times. Still holding the tip downwards, wait for the paint to saturate the tip. Take a few minutes and repeat this until the tip is saturated. Once the pen starts working move on to the next step.
  6. With the fully saturated tip on the golf club paint fill, dab rapidly without compressing the tip onto a scrap surface such as a piece of wood or work desk surface to reduce the oiliness of the golf club paint fill. You will know the paint is nicely balanced once the paint fill color is of a rich color pigment.
  7. Start coloring on the area where you want the new color to be by drawing "tight circles". Be generous with the paint and don’t worry if you paint around the desired lines. A useful technique is to paint over a larger surface area, making sure that the paint really fills all the areas. Drawing small, tight circles over the paint fill area is an effective way to get the most paint filling done without applying too much pressure.
  8. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes before cleanup. Since the last step is cleaning the club of excess paint, you really want it to dry completely. Otherwise it might happen that the wet paint will be spread over the club or you will remove too much of it. You will have to repeat the process again if too much is removed all at once. Waiting a few seconds between wipes in the next step is a useful tip to prevent too much removal.
  9. Take the paper towel damp with alcohol, acetone or nail polish or your alcohol swab and lightly clean the surface of the club where you applied the paint, so that the paint remains inside the engravings. Light pressure and long, slow wipes are best used here, using a clean part of the towel every wipe is ideal to prevent color contamination. Faster, lighter wipes are better for finer cleanups. If something goes wrong, simply clean the club again and start painting one more time.

    The paint filling process is relatively simple, clean and straightforward. Even though it might take a few attempts, there really is no need to worry if you make a mistake. If for instance the end product is not how you imagined it to be, just take some acetone and start over again. Alternatively, you could change the look of your clubs every season or even every other round. For golfers, this can be a welcoming change and an opportunity to fall in love with their clubs over and over again!

    What Next?

    Once you have the process mastered on one club, try experimenting with some more wild designs on others. Instead of just using one or two colors, try a variety of color combinations and themes. At Club Stamping we offer a variety colors to truly let you express your artistic side and make a variety of designs available. You could even color code your set of irons, or even better, mix it with a few other personalization techniques. If you get skilled at hand stamping, you could for instance stamp into each club head the distance that you usually hit with that club by using golf club stamping numbers, making wrong club selection less likely.

    If you're looking for an easy and effective way to personalize your golf clubs, paint filling is the way to go! This simple, easy and quick process will allow you to make dramatic changes in minutes, no matter if you just got a new driver or want to refresh your old set!


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