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Why Should I Customize My Paint Fills?

Why Should I Customize My Paint Fills?

Why Should I Customize My Golf Club Paint Fills?

Paint filling is the easiest way to personalize your golf clubs. In this featured blog post on Club Stamping we are going to cover some reasons why you should change the paint fills on your golf clubs.

It's An Easy Way to Play Custom Clubs

If you have ever bought a new set of clubs, you know that there are quite a few options to choose from. Different manufacturers like Callaway, Taylormade and Titleist offer a broad range when it comes to club selection. Be it your wedges, irons, woods or even putters - they come in all shapes and sizes. Currently there are around 60 manufacturers on the market, Callaway alone offers in its 2017 lineup about 140 different clubs. Each of these clubs can not only be customised but also personalised. Apart from offering different shaft lengths, grip sizes, lofts, bounces and weights, one can also add a personal touch to the clubs. Different grip colors, engravings, hand stamping and custom paint fills are nowadays seen standard on many professional and amateur golf clubs. In this article we will focus on golf club paint fills, explain what this is and how this personalization technique can be put to use on a wide range of clubs. Adding a personal touch might be easier than you think!

From Putter To Driver

You are probably wondering what clubs this technique can be used on, or even which part of the club is best suitable. Well, there really are no limits! Usually each club has at least a few engraved lines, like the club number, manufacturer, brand, or even some specifications (loft, lie, etc.). Each of these sections can be modified and personalised. Let’s look at some examples of golf club paint fills:

  • Odd and even numbers can be in different colors
  • Short irons in blue, mid irons in red, long irons in green and woods in purple
  • Wedges could get their unique color, like pink for instance
  • The putter has many options to apply a wide range of colors
  • Woods and the driver often have many opportunities, giving you several possible options

What About My Old Clubs?

A great use case for golf club paint fills are older and used clubs. After thousands of shots, clubs are usually quite worn out. The club heads might even look older than they really are! Without spending thousands of dollars on a new set, simply buy a few paint fills and some acetone. Let your imagination run wild and create some crazy color combinations! With a few extra upgrades old clubs can get a complete refreshment. If you are looking into selling the old set, using some paint on them might not be a bad idea in order to squeeze a few extra dollars out of the buyer.

As mentioned, this technique can be used on any club in your bag. Putters are especially popular, also among professional players! Even Tiger Woods had a few custom club stampings and paint fills on his Scotty Cameron. A great example is also Bubba Watson with his incredibly pink driver. We can often see pros on the tour to have their names stamped onto their wedges and apply some custom paint fills. It might not be much, but this really puts even more mental ownership over the club. In high stakes moments, this might be just the thing that you need to put the ball into the hole.

Apart from that, kids can make their clubs more unique with this personalization technique. Because it does not require much equipment and can be used over and over again, young children can have loads of fun with it! Imagine the joy when your kid has not only his or her own set of clubs, but each club was personalized so that it really belongs to them.

Paint Filling Combined With Other Techniques

Changing the paint fill on your golf club really goes hand in hand with a few other techniques of golf club personalisation. Hand stamping your golf clubs can be especially useful, since golfers are able to not just add color into the existing engravings, but also add some other extras. You could stamp your name or even a small symbol and then color it the way you like.

To sum up, changing the golf club paint fill is an easy way to personalize your set of golf clubs. Literally any club, from putter to the driver can be repainted and made more unique. Older clubs can get a nice refreshment, whereas new sets can truly be made one of a kind. Let your imagination go wild and create some unique combinations!


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