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How To Stamp Your Golf Clubs

In this featured blog post on Club Stamping, we are going to cover how to hand stamp your golf clubs and all the required steps from beginning to end.

Golf Club Stamping

Golf club stamping is a great way to add something extra or something personal to your golf clubs. Let it be a lucky number, your name or an inspirational quote, all of these things can make your clubs unique. Whether you have a brand new set or if you already have your clubs at home, there is always the option to stamp your golf clubs, which is often the most exciting part of personalizing your golf clubs.

First Things First

First things first, always follow precautionary methods and wear protective eye wear, gloves and clothing. During the stamping process you will be working with hardware so it is important to treat it as such. 

Tools and Technique

A few tools are needed for hand stamping to work:
  • double-sided tape and/or a golf club clamp
  • painter's tape
  • golf club stamps
  • three to four pound hammer
  • pencil
  • a clean, flat surface (an anvil or a sturdy table with a protective piece of wood)

All of these can be purchased from the Club Stamping shop. It is also recommended to use a heavier hammer, a hammer around 4 or 5 lbs should do the trick. The process is quite straightforward but might require some trial and error. You could even experiment on some older clubs to get a better feeling and experience before you move onto your gamer. Let’s have a closer look.

How to Stamp Your Golf Clubs

  1. Before even touching your clubs, you need to find a solid and flat surface. Securing the club face is key, you don’t want to damage your club while doing this! If you have a garage workshop at home, then you might also have a vise, which usually comes with an anvil - perfect for such kind of work. In any case find a surface that will not harm your club face and be sure to protect the flat surface with a small piece of plywood if it is a table.
  2. Clean the surface which you want to use, but don’t forget to also clean the club face. If the club face has some dirt or tiny rocks in it and you start stamping your golf clubs, then you could easily damage the face.
  3. Grab some double-sided tape or your golf club clamp and secure it onto the flat surface with your golf club clamp.
  4. If you haven’t done this already, now is the time to choose your design. Regular stamping usually involves letters and numbers but golf club stamping symbols are often used for more personal designs.
  5. Take a piece of regular tape and place it on the back of the club where the stamping will happen. This is to prevent the stamp from bouncing and leaving unwanted marks, but also to draw some lines for guidance with your pencil. You want to avoid scattered and irregular text - unless this is your desired design.
  6. Place the clubface square on the top side of the double-sided tape or under your golf club clamp. Make sure that the club is really square and the hosel is not too close to the edge to avoid a hosel line. A second pair of hands might also come in handy if it isn’t secure enough with the double sided tape. The golf club clamp is usually more secure.
  7. Take the first stamp and a large hammer (4-5 lbs.). Put the stamp in position and give it one strong blow. If the stamp bounce of just place it back into position and give it a few more blows. You want the stamping to look a bit deeper, hence you will need more than one strike. Just watch out and don’t go to hard at it so that the club face does not get damaged.
  8. Repeat the process until the desired stamping was achieved.
  9. Peel off the tape on the back of the club and enjoy your new stamped golf club! If some of the stamping is irregular or deeper than others, now is the time to fix it. Once you have removed the tape from the back this will be visible. Simply take the needed stamp and the hammer once again to even it out, making sure each side is of even depth. Angling the shallower part of the stamp will help even out the shallower corners and edges.

What to do After You've Stamped Your Golf Clubs

After finishing with the stamping you could take it even further. With paint filling you could easily add some color to the new stamping and really bring it to life. These two actually go hand in hand nicely, which is why we usually see custom stamped golf club also have custom colors and paint fills. If you are a more artistic individual and have a few design ideas, then there are no limits to your design. You can also buy a few different sets of stamps in different sizes as well as symbols. Combining those with some wild colors will really give your clubs the unique edge.


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