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How to Paint Fill Golf Clubs

Paint Filling Golf Clubs

Paint filling your golf clubs is perhaps the easiest and most impact-full change you can make to your golf clubs. From freshening up the stock paint fills to completely overhauling your golf clubs color-way, the paint fill on your golf clubs is the first thing that people normally notice.

Below are the simple and easy steps to get you started personalizing and customizing the paint fills on your golf clubs.

How to Paint Fill Wedges

How to paint fill golf clubs

What you will need:

  • Acetone/ nail polish remover/ alcohol swabs
  • Paper towels/ rags
  • Custom Paint Fills
  • Club Clamp
  • Safety gloves
  • Safety eye wear
  • Safety clothing/ apron


The Steps:

  • Gather all the required items.
  • Put on your safety gloves and protective eye wear as well as protective clothing.
  • Clean the golf club with your alcohol based solution, acetone, or alcohol swabs. Having a clean surface for your paint fills is essential to ensuring that the paint fill sticks.
  • Apply your Custom Paint Fills to the filling areas, following your desired color scheme and theme. Get all 10 Custom Paint Fills for an endless ability to personalize and customize all of your golf clubs and even your friends' clubs!

What paint application looks like

  • Wait 10-20 minutes. Let the paint cure for at least 20 minutes.
  • Using the acetone/ nail polish remover/ alcohol based liquid, wipe the excess paint off. Only a little pressure is required and a painting motion is best used. A paper towel soaked in acetone will be the fastest method but also the most likely to remove the paint fill. Alcohol swabs are the best and cleanest method, switching swabs every wipe and every color to ensure less smudging and paint "run". If you choose the paper towel method, use quick strokes and allow some time between wipes to prevent the paint from becoming too thin!

After cleaning up the excess paint

  • Clean up the fines areas and let the paint cure for the next few days to ensure that it is fully set.

The final result of custom paint filling

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