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How To Customize a Golf Club in Under 6 Minutes

Personalized golf clubs All for Less Than a Cup of Coffee... (Wedge Stamping and How to Paint Fill Golf Clubs Video Below)

Are you tired of playing the same clubs as everyone else yet see golfers on TV playing 1-of-a-kind models? Are you looking to pick up a new hobby that lives and breathes with your #1 passion?

Golf club paint fill and stamping dough nut design

It doesn't matter if you're a Tour Pro or a beginning golfer playing in their first year, ask just about anyone on the golf course and they will tell you that having a personal and customized set of clubs fit to them is important. And if you've ever ran into someone playing the exact same clubs as you you know exactly how it feels.

We spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars upgrading our golf equipment yet we end up playing clubs that look the exact as Joe Blow on the first tee. Unfortunately, most of our upgrades go into elements that are "under the hood" rather than visually.

And you're not alone...there's a reason the world's best golfers take part in this too...

FACT: 84% of Tour Players are Playing Personalized Golf Clubs

That's right...84% of players that have done a what's in the bag have a personalized golf club.

So that's over 8 out of every 10 players you see on TV at any given tournament are playing with clubs that have been personalized.

...the other 2 out of 10 players have almost guaranteed played with personalized golf clubs or are having a set made for them.

With all of their contracts and sponsorship deals, the game's best are always looking for ways to separate themselves from their competition.

Now that we bring it up can you see how many players are using personalized golf clubs?

And this has been going on for decades!

You didn’t do anything wrong when you purchased your last set of golf clubs…

You might not have even been aware that this was an option for you even at the outrageously expensive price vendors make it available to you for.

Since golf club manufacturers are so busy mass producing new lines of golf clubs each year that hundreds of thousands, even millions of golfers purchase, they can't be bothered personalizing your golf clubs for you.

If only there was a way you could do it at a fraction of the cost and have complete control over how you would like your clubs to look.

Or if you run a pro shop, for YOU to be able to pocket the upcharge that vendors would be pocketing otherwise, and offer a white glove service of personalized golf clubs to you and your customers or members.


Now how do you go about personalizing your golf clubs?

Is there already a proven method that is mess free and allow you to show off your golf clubs like the best in the world?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…

The Ultimate Golf Club Paint Fill for Golf Clubs

We've spent hundreds of thousands of hours in a pro shop building and customizing golf clubs for golfers of all abilities. So when we dug into the numbers and found out that 84% of Tour players were personalizing their golf clubs we knew we had to come up with a solution.

So rather than keep this a secret and offer it strictly within our pro shop and make money on a Tour Quality service, we decided to make it available to the public...

In addition to spending thousands of hours figuring out what works best through our own tests and research, we also consulted with golf club manufacturers and some of the world's best golf club builders to formulate a product that delivers results EVERY, SINGLE, TIME no matter what your skill level is.

When we were done doing our research, we were left with a simple, easy to follow process that incorporates all of the best practices to personalizing your golf clubs all in under 5 minutes.

Here on this page we've revealed just how we do it...

Personally, I wouldn't attempt to personalize someone's golf clubs without a proven, step-by-step process that guarantees results, and this is especially true if you're going to be doing this for your customers.

Golf clubs are expensive to replace and when your reputation is on the line you don't want to take any chances.

I mean it…

Don't Hit Another Golf Ball Until You've Tried Our Ultimate Paint Fill

Have you ever heard the expression: “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper?”

The same applies here!

At, we’ve already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, we made some mistakes and “got scalped” a few times along the way…

…and we do this stuff for a living!!

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow execution plans so everyone at the Club Stamping pro shop can duplicate these results for all of our customers.

In the past I only used these paint fills in my pro shop, but now I'm making a few available to the public. (You'll see why in just a bit.)

So now you don’t have to go it alone!

Normally these paint fills sell for $9.99 each, but for a very limited time I'm giving you access to them for just $5.


Literally, you can have one of those fancy coffees at Starbucks or you can:

  • Make extra money (by offering this service in your pro shop or for friends and family)
  • Save money (by not paying upwards of $25-$30 per club that vendors would charge you for and get the exact same quality)
  • Avoid potentially-embarrassing mistakes ruining your golf clubs and costing you and customers

The choice is yours…

Click the “Buy Now” button and enter the coupon code " Coffee " and start personalizing your golf clubs in under 5 minutes…

Watch the video below to see just how to do it:

The Ultimate Golf Club Paint Fill

Pick any color today for only $5 (Regular $9. That's 45% off)

Checkout with coupon code: Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Golf Clubs Will These Work On?

Any and all golf clubs. As long as they already have paint fills on them you will be able to use these.

Do I have to Strip The Paint That's Already On My Club?

The answer is no, you can put this paint fill directly over top of your existing paint fills. The only time you will remove the paint fill is if you've already used our Ultimate Golf Club Paint Fill and would like to change the fill colors again. In that case, all you have to use is our alcohol pad to wipe away the old paint fill and wait for it to dry until you reapply a new coat or a new color.

Are They Durable?

Our Ultimate Golf Club Paint Fill is UV and weather resistant. Paint fills that are used for the number on the sole (bottom) of the golf club will wear just like the vendor's will.

What Happens If I Make A Mistake or I Want To Change The Design?

Our Ultimate Golf Club Paint Fill requires only an alcohol based liquid to remove the paint fill (no Acetone needed!). Say good-bye to corrosive liquids and paint strippers that potentially harm the finish on golf clubs, are a pain to dispose of, and can ruin any surface in your pro shop or house.

When Will My Order Be Shipped?

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Where's My Order Coming From?

Although our fulfillment house is located in Canada, some of our specialty items are sourced from countries located in Europe, Australia and Asia.

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Still Have Questions for Us?

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How to Stamp and Paint Fill Wedges

We go over how to get the same results right from your own home in minutes.

What You'll Need to Get Started

We cover everything you need to get started stamping and paint filling your golf clubs.

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